TProfessional Manager Software

The TProfessional Manager Software allows to control up to 5 TProfessional Thermocyclers simultaneously in a powerful network.

  • user interface like on the TProfessional Thermocyclers
  • open, edit and save programs
  • copy programs and user directories
  • MCF – memory cloning function
  • GLP conform documentation

User interface

The TProfessional Manager Software combines the approved graphical operating interface of the TProfessional Series with the comfort of a powerful, simultaneous PC-controlled network of up to 5 TProfessional Thermocyclers. The handling of the TProfessional Manager is based on the intuitive operating interface of the Thermocyclers with the choice between for tabular or graphical programming.

Memory management

The software allows the user to create, edit and save programs. Single user directories and programs can be easily copied and exchanged between the PC and the TProfessional Thermocylers. The MCF - memory cloning function allows to copy the complete memory contents between different TProfessional Thermocyclers.


For GLP conform documentation of PCR runs detailed log-files with temperature data can be generated and saved. In an extended self test service files are created that can be analysed by Biometra′s service for rapid failure diagnosis if problems occur.