Thermocycler Manager Software

Thermocycler Manager Software Version 4.11

The Thermocycler Manager Software V4.11 is a modified version of the Thermocycler Manager V4.10 that allows to control the Thermocyclers T1plus, TRobot, T3000 and now also TPersonal in a network.

  • Control T3000 and TPersonal Thermocyclers
  • Memory management
  • Documentation

T3000 and TPersonal Thermocycler

T3000 and now also TPersonal* Thermocyclers can be addressed by the Thermocycler Manager Software V4.11. This allows the comfortable administration of both types of instruments in a network.

Memory management

The software permits the user to create, edit and save programs. Programs can be easily copied and exchanged between the PC and the different Thermocylers.


For documentation PCR programs can be exported as text files. Moreover, temperature data can be saved and analysed. The software also allows to create Service Info Files that can be analysed by Biometra′s service for rapid failure diagnosis if problems occur.

* TPersonal Thermocyclers need to have the newest firmware version (3.10tp). Instruments with older firmware version can be updated by Biometra. Please contact for more details.