Thermoblock TB2

Dry block heater for incubation at constant temperature.

Please note: This instrument is discontinued. Adapter blocks are kept available. Please see section "Accessories".

  • Dual block positions, removable blocks
  • 11 different block options
  • Temperature range: RT +5°C to 130°C

The Thermoblock TB2 has been developed for incubation of reaction tubes at fixed temperatures. Temperature control is achieved by means of a Pt1000 microsensor in order to reach outstanding block uniformity (+/- 0.1°C at 37°C).

Incubation of a magnitude of samples contained in different reaction tubes causes no problems for the block heater. The TB2 has a capacity for two single blocks or one combi block. Combinations of different single blocks allow simultaneous incubation of e.g. 1.5 ml and 0.5 ml reaction tubes.

The waterproof front panel is slightly angled to facilitate data entry and temperature readings. It features 3 buttons and a central control knob for starting the block, entering temperatures up to 130°C and additional functions. The large LED displays the current temperature as precise as up to one decimal. The TB2 has a small footprint of 200 x 280 x 100 mm (W x D x H).