TGGE System

Please note: These instruments are discontinued.
Accessories are yet available. Please see section "Accessories".

Temperature Gradient Gel Electrophoresis system for fast mutation analysis.

  • Quick pre-screening for mutations in PCR fragments
  • Higher sensitivity than SSCP or direct sequencing
  • No casting of chemical gradient gels

The heart of the Biometra TGGE system is a temperature block powered by Peltier technology. Due to the microprocessor control a strictly linear gradient can be generated providing a maximum of reproducibility. Thus assay conditions can be much better (and easier) controlled compared to conventional chemical gradients or temporal gradients using water baths.

Cost saving
TGGE provides fast and cost effective mutation screening of PCR fragments. Following pre-screening with TGGE only those samples are selected for direct sequencing that are different from the wildtype (standard). Thus the total number of sequenced samples can be dramatically reduced, saving time and money.

In contrast to direct sequencing TGGE can also detect mutations in mixed DNA samples. Whenever heterozygous DNA is to be analyzed, direct sequencing will not give a clear signal for the position of the mutation. This is especially problematic when the mutated sample is masked by a high background of normal cells. TGGE reliably detects mutations in a 1:10 dilution (and higher) of wildtype DNA.