Temperature Verification

For temperature verification Biometra offers the portable and easy to use PTMD system. Sensors for 0.2 ml, 0.5 ml and for 384 well blocks are available allowing temperature measurements within a range of -10°C to 110°C. The sensor setup (including tube, thermal conductive paste, sensor, wiring) is calibrated against DKD reference normal according to DIN 50049/EN 10204-3.1.B. The PTMD system allows an easy temperature check of thermocyclers. Please note that the PTMD system is not suited for the temperature adjustment of thermocyclers.

Order numbers *
846-050-416 Sensor for 0.5 ml wells (PTMD type 600/700) 
846-050-417 Sensor for 0.2 ml wells (PTMD type 600/700)
846-050-418 Sensor for 384 wells (PTMD type 600/700)
846-050-420 PTMD (type 700) Set 0.2/0.5 ml.
Handheld digital instrument incl. 1 sensor for 0.2 ml and 1 sensor for 0.5 ml
846-050-421 PTMD (type 700) Set 384 well.
Handheld digital instrument incl. 1 sensor for 384 well blocks
846-050-422 PC-Software for PTMD type 700

* for PTMD type 600/700. For older versions of PTMDs (type 500/505) sensors are still available. Please contact the Biometra Service or info@biometra.de for more information.