Seperation of Proteins

Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis

Vertical electrophoresis systems designed for fast, efficient, safe and reliable performance.

  • 7 different gel sizes from 8.6 x 7.7 cm up to 19.4 x 18.5 cm
  • Fixed glass spacers (Minigel-Family, Eco-Line)
  • Leak-free and safe casting of gels without the use of grease

Minigel-Twin, Multigel, Multigel-Long and Maxigel feature a special system using fixed spacers and a one-piece profiled silicone rubber seal for rapid, complete sealing without the need for additional sealing materials such as agarose or silicone grease. Protection is provided against the neurotoxin acrylamide using the leak-free Biometra casting system.

The new Eco-Mini and Eco-Maxi are modular, tank-style models. The Systems come with a Casting Stand for 1 or 2 gels. Spacers are fixed to the glass plates. The Electrophoresis Module (Gel Module) is compatible with the Tankblot versions and the Blot Module is compatible with the electrophoresis tanks EB and EBC.

For model V15.17 an injection moulded silicone gel casting clamp is available. The dovetail grooves of the clamp fit snugly onto the glass plates, ensure a tight seal and even pressure over the entire surface. Moulded handles on each side of the clamp squeeze the plate tight against the side spacers and facilitate carrying. The integrated bottom port permits optimal gel casting from the bottom of the gel with a syringe or with a Gradient former.

All Biometra slab gel systems have safety lids designed to protect the user from electrical hazard.

A complete range of analytical and semi-preparative combs is available for each system.