Should you have any problems with Biometra equipment, please contact our service department or your local Biometra dealer:

Biometra GmbH
Technical Service Department
Rudolf-Wissell-Straße 14–16
D-37079 Göttingen
Phone +49 551 50686-10 or -12
Fax +49 551 50686-11

Return Shipment

If you would like to send equipment back to Biometra, please read the following return instructions:

  • 1. Use the service repair form
  • 2. Enclose a precise description of the fault
  • 3. Send the service repair form by email or Fax to Biometra or your local dealer and you will get a RAN number
  • Use the original box or a similarly sturdy one
  • Label the outside of the box with "CAUTION! SENSITIVE INSTRUMENT!" and the RAN number sticker. Deliveries without RAN number can not be accepted!


  • Clean all parts of the instrument from residues, and of biologically dangerous, chemical and radioactive contaminants.
    Please include the Equipment Decontamination Certificate to confirm that the device is free of biologically dangerous and radioactive contaminants in each shipment. If the device is contaminated, it is possible that Biometra will be forced to refuse to accept the device.

The sender of the repair order will be held liable for possible losses resulting from insufficient decontamination of the device.

Please enclose a note which contains the following:
a) Sender's name and address,
b) Name of a contact person for further inquiries with telephone number.