Power Supplies

Different models of low voltage Power Supplies suitable for many electrophoresis applications.

  • From max. 300 V up to 400 V
  • Constant voltage or constant current, with automatic crossover
  • For connection of up to two or four devices

Biometra offers a range of power supplies for protein, DNA and RNA electrophoresis including blotting.

Low Voltage Power Supplies

From max. 300 V up to max. 400 V and max. 1,000 mA: PS300T, Standard Power Pack P25 and P25T.

All models operate at constant voltage or constant current (with automatic crossover).

Models PS300T and standard Power Pack P25T offer Timer controlled runs.

Universal models Power Pack P25 and P25T for electrophoresis (max. 400 V) and blotting (max. 1,000 mA).