PFGE Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis

Rotaphor® 6.0

Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE) system

  • Rotating electrodes for truly free selection of field angles
  • Excellent separation of high molecular DNA
  • Rotaphor 6.0 Software

Rotating Field Electrophoresis (ROFE)
In contrast to conventional PFGE instruments with fixed electrodes the patented Rotaphor® system features free rotating electrodes. Thus any angle can be set for the electric field. Changing field angles over the time are achieved by the precise movement of the rotor. This feature is of special importance for the separation of very large DNA molecules.

Easy to program, easy to run
The Rotaphor Version 6.0 provides a convenient computer software for programming new experiments and electrophoresis control. Seventeen pre-set programs are available for various separation ranges and are an ideal starting point for new experiments. For each protocol a real gel picture is shown in the software, individual pictures for custom protocols can be uploaded. Click here to download a DEMO version of the Rotaphor 6.0 Software.

Integrated buffer circulation
The Rotaphor® system features an internal pump for efficient buffer circulation. Buffer flow from an external refrigerated circulator and internal buffer flow are completely separated. An integrated thermostat relay precisely monitors the buffer temperature and triggers if necessary the cooling circuit.

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