Overview Shaker and Heater

Mixer, Thermomixer and Thermoblock

Mixers, Thermal mixers and Thermoblocks are the basic equipment of every laboratory.

  • 3 different lines
  • Heating, Cooling, Shaking
  • Interchangeable blocks /adapters for different tube sizes
  • Different temperature ranges

We offer several high-end instruments making it easy to find the appropriate mixer for different applications.

BioShake XP and BioShake iQ are perfect for mixing very small volumes in microplates as well as for daily routine using tubes or glass vials.

ThermoShaker TS1 and ThermoShaker TSC are designed for standard application in research as well as in routine laboratories. This instruments are perfect for applications with volumes of approx. 100 µl and more.

Thermoblock TB2 is a dry block thermostat - without shaker functions - for all routine applications in a laboratory.

As all instruments offer a choice of several different blocks / adapters, every requirement can be met.