BioShake iQ

Please note:
The availability of the BioShake instrument is currently limited.
In case of interest please don´t hesitate to contact us.

Ultra compact benchtop thermomixer for all applications requiring heating and / or shaking in microtiter plates, tubes or glass vials up to 50.0 ml.

  • Interchangeable adapters for MTP, tubes and glass vials
  • Multiple instruments in one: thermoshaker with temperature control and incubator without shaking
  • Temperature range: RT to 99°C

The BioShake series allows high precise and efficient mixing in the mikroliter scale for a wide range of applications. Assays in microplates or reaction vessels can be realised fast and safe with using adjustable speed of 200 up to 3,000 rpm. The BioShake mixing-technology is obviously more robust, vibration free and needs less maintenance compared to classical mixers.

Programming the BioShake iQ works via direct touch buttons. In addition two buttons for start and storage of time, mixing frequency and temperature enable the instrument to run complex applications.
The short mix button allows short and fast mixing in between.
Additional it is possible to store 2 automatic programs (P1 and P2). Both programs can have 3 different steps with different time, mixing frequency and temperature settings for each step.

The two line LCD display guarantees simultaneous and safe reading of all programmed and measured parameters as time, mixing frequency and temperature.

The BioShake iQ is the high end thermal mixer of the BioShake series. In addition to the technical specifications of the model BioShake XP, the BioShake iQ comes with an very accurate heating technology. This allows highly reproducible results. The temperature range from RT to 99°C is adjustable in 0.1°C steps. The temperature accuracy is ± 0.1°C, the temperature uniformity through all samples is better than ± 1°C.

The BioShake series comes with a variety of standardised and specific adapter plates. The adapters allow an optimal fit for standard tubes, lysis tubes, microplates, glass vials and other sample vessels. An excellent temperature uniformity and homogeneity is guaranteed by using these adapters.

Customized adapters!
You need an adapter plate for specially shaped microplates, tubes or vials?
Please send us a sample and detailed information about manufacturer, description and article number.
You will receive your special formed adapter plate!